Private Sessions

Yoga is a mirror; it reveals our patterns. Our lives show up in our bodies and how we hold ourselves. Working one-on-one with an experienced teacher is a way of looking in the mirror with clear eyes and compassion. When we unravel and address patterns in the physical body we can begin to shift how we hold ourselves on our mats and in the world.  

Because of my love of specificity and nuance, I have found that my teaching works really well in a one-on-one platform.  New and experienced practitioners can benefit from individual sessions, to create an individual practice that is safe and sustainable. Whether you’re looking to make a weekly commitment to deepening your practice with private sessions or are looking for an occasional session to work on specific aspects of your practice, private sessions are the perfect way to dig deep and enhance your practice, posture and self.  


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Danielle is an amazing yoga teacher.  I began working with her to learn about yoga and to improve my strength and flexibility.  In both private sessions as well as her classes, she challenges me to explore my limits, helps me to maintain balance and perspective, and most importantly, she inspires me.  I think Danielle’s unique ability to connect with each practitioner and guide their specific journey, sets her apart. 
-Mary L.

Danielle is awesome to work with! Doing yoga with Danielle has made me much more flexible and mobile, and helped keep me out of pain. The session are always fun, and I look forward to them, instead of dreading them, which I used to with typical yoga classes.
-Mike D.