After years of teaching yoga, I turned to massage to deepen my understanding of the human body and expand the way I’m able to help my clients.  In addition to traditional, therapeutic massage, I specialize in Thai Massage: a magical combination of acupressure points, rhythmic compressions, assisted stretching and joint mobilization along traditional energy line to help encourage greater ease of movement, balance and a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Whether on the massage table or the Thai massage mat, I strive to offer work that is deep, fluid and purposeful, targeting areas of tension in the body to create a greater sense of freedom and ease. 

I am currently seeing clients at their home (outdoors + masked!) for Thai Massage. Appointments at Unwind at Down Under Yoga in Brookline on hold for now. Sessions are typically 60 or 90 minutes, with an investment of $125/hr. Contact me for more information or to schedule your session.

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We feel extremely fortunate to have found Danielle & Thai massage. Having never experienced Thai massage we weren’t sure what to expect. Danielle’s expert technique and body knowledge is beyond compare. We quickly went from scheduling bi-weekly massages to weekly. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.

Marc + Kathy L.

Danielle is an amazing yoga teacher.  I began working with her to learn about yoga and to improve my strength and flexibility.  In both private sessions as well as her classes, she challenges me to explore my limits, helps me to maintain balance and perspective, and most importantly, she inspires me.  I think Danielle’s unique ability to connect with each practitioner and guide their specific journey, sets her apart.

Mary L.