About Me

I have been practicing yoga to some extent for more than half my life and my relationship with the practice has been ever evolving. Each year, I find there is some new way to approach my practice and teaching. I believe that yoga can be an incredible training ground for how to optimally use our bodies in our daily lives.  In this multifaceted practice, we have the ability to rewire our physical and mental patternings through careful attention and intention. My public classes are a blend of traditional asana from my years of teaching vinyasa yoga and practicing Iyengar, but may have some myofascial release or mindful muscle activation or some other surprises sprinkled in. I love to challenge and restore our bodies in ways that are both expected and unexpected – variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to how we move.  

After years of teaching yoga, I turned to massage to deepen my understanding of the human body and expand the way I’m able to help my clients.  With my private yoga and massage clients, I have the opportunity to work in a more focused way, targeting clients’ specific needs to help rewire their patterns to reduce chronic pain or move with more efficiency and ease. I am currently finishing up my second 300HR training, this time with Yoga Medicine to become a Yoga Therapeutic Specialist. Additionally, I am one of the lead faculty members for Down Under School of Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training program and I have the distinct privilege of sharing my passion for anatomy and movement with new students each year. 

I teach yoga because I love this incredible, multi-dimensional practice but more importantly because I love connecting with my students and clients to help them feel and move better in their bodies.


  • 200HR Yoga Teacher Training – Rancho Margot, Costa Rica December 2012
  • 300HR Yoga Teacher Training – Boston Yoga School, June 2015
  • 850HR Licensed Massage Therapist – The Massage School December, 2016
  • Thai Massage Certification – Old Medicine Hospital, August 2017
  • Certified Personal Training Course – National Association of Sports Medicine, October 2019
  • TRX Suspension Training Course – TRX, July 2019
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion – Anatomy Trains, July 2019
  • 60HR Myofascial Release Training – Yoga Medicine, April 2019
  • 25HR Cadaver Dissection Lab – Yoga Medicine, September 2019
  • 60HR Nervous System + Restorative Yoga – Yoga Medicine, November 2019
  • 55HR Shoulder Anatomy + Disfunction – Yoga Medicine, July 2020
  • 25HR Women’s Health – Yoga Medicine, September 2020

We feel extremely fortunate to have found Danielle & Thai massage. Having never experienced Thai massage we weren’t sure what to expect. Danielle’s expert technique and body knowledge is beyond compare. We quickly went from scheduling bi-weekly massages to weekly. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.

Marc + Kathy L.

Danielle is an amazing yoga teacher.  I began working with her to learn about yoga and to improve my strength and flexibility.  In both private sessions as well as her classes, she challenges me to explore my limits, helps me to maintain balance and perspective, and most importantly, she inspires me.  I think Danielle’s unique ability to connect with each practitioner and guide their specific journey, sets her apart.

Mary L.